Medieval Superhero
Joan of Arc
Ancient Teachings to Right the Light in Modern Times

Join Bri Condon &
Rev. Liliana Barzola
     Rev. Liliana Barzola                             Bri Condon
Joan of Arc: Gender
Bri & Liliana Introductions
Unapologetic Leadership
This four week experience is wholeheartedly based on Joan of Arc. Allow us to guide you into the soul of this ancient archetype and you will draw strength in these times of overwhelm and confusion. Hence our subtitle, “Strength and Power in What Feels Like The Final Hour”. We really mean it, and she did too. 

Join Bri & Liliana for this fun adventure series as we explore the time landscape of the 15th century, how dysfunction type casts health, the unapologetic and kick ass nature of Joan of Arc, and ultimately how you too can RIGHT THE LIGHT by leveraging the teachings of elders who are no longer among us.

Joan of Arc used her intuition, temperament, non-binary understanding of gender, her strategic mind, and courageous heart to overturn a disaster that was already upon her people, at the final moment of what could easily have been defeat.

No pre-req required; this class is open to the public.
Enrollment opens July 15th and closes July 31st.
(You will begin receiving materials on August 1st.)
Your Joan of Arc Adventure Includes:

  • Dream Team Session (60 min): This is your private virtual session with both Bri and Liliana. Energy clearing, Coaching, Strategy customized for you. (Valued at $255.00)
  • 4 Main Lesson Videos
  • Weekly Video/Audio Vignettes Delivered to your Inbox
  • Worksheets, Meditations and Interpersonal Homework Assignments

Investment: $425.00 if paid in full or 4 payments of $125.00 = $500.00

Lore, Time-Landscape, Joan Archetype & You.

Deconstructing the Conflict to Right the Light, False Messiahs, How dysfunction Responds to Health in Business and our Personal Life.

Persecution of the Feminine, Right timing, Tapping into Joan's Spirit.

Recognizing your own Sanity, Speaking out in Dark Times, How to Strategically Overpower the Darkness.

Strength and Power in What Feels Like the Final Hour